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Chambers are delighted to have 20 members across the disciplines recommended in the 2019 editions of ‘The Legal 500’ and ‘Chambers and Partners.’  This is what they had to say:

The Legal 500 – 2019

Commercial, banking, insolvency and Chancery Law

Stephen Fletcher  He communicates extremely well with clients.


John Elvidge QC: ‘A stalwart and very self-possessed silk.Peter Makepeace QC: ‘Highly recommended for a broad range of complex criminal matters.

Anne Richardson:  ‘She has exceptional interpersonal skills.’  Anthony Davis:Noted for his expertise in money laundering cases.’  Daniel Cordey:  ‘Recommended for cases involving serious sexual offences.’ Julie Clemitson Prosecutes and defends in cases involving serious injuries to children/child deaths.


Angharad Davies:Very experienced in discrimination and unfair dismissal claims.’  Edward Legard: ‘A calm and fluent advocate.Samuel Healy: ‘He provides pragmatic and frank advice,’

Family and children law

Carley Henley:Her practice includes cases of child abduction.’  Crispin Oliver:He has a great bedside manner with clients.’  Martin Todd: Highly experienced in cases involving severe child abuse.’  Pauline Moulder: Highly experienced in cases involving complex medical evidence.

Personal injury and clinical negligence

Daniel Edwards: Highly experienced in cases involving catastrophic injuries.


Chambers and Partners – 2019


John Elvidge QC: “He is very insightful and he has a keen eye for detail. He gets straight to the point and is a very tenacious advocate.” “He is very experienced and very calm.”  Peter Makepeace QC: “No job is too big or too small for Mr Makepeace.” “A real master with juries.”

Julie Clemitson: “She is really good, very sensible and a specialist in sexual offences. You want her on your side.”


Edward Legard: “A wonderful advocate. Natural, firm and a good communicator.” “Very committed and excellent at getting to the heart of the case. He is a real problem solver and very good with clients.” Samuel Healy:  “Excellent on his feet. He provides timely advice and is completely dependable.” “Very bright. He cuts through to the key issues and has good judgement.” “Friendly, responsive and approachable.”


Elizabeth  Callaghan: “Always thorough and forensic. She also has a very professional and courteous manner with clients.” “Very knowledgeable and very personable.”  Tim Donnelly: “Very approachable and very well prepared. He is well respected by judges and professionals.” “A very friendly, professional and diligent barrister. He works incredibly hard and does his job incredibly well.”  Carly Henley: “Very intelligent.” “Meticulous with details and extremely well organised.”   Karen Lennon: “A real tough cookie.” “She’s fully committed and always looking out for a unique point to get across.”  Pauline Moulder: “A formidable advocate who finds creative ways of dealing with issues.Crispin Oliver: “A skilled advocate who is very good in the courtroom and in negotiations. He is also very approachable for clients.” “Extremely thorough and conscientious.  David Rowlands: “Judges love him and opponents respect him. His preparation is second to none and his advocacy is uniquely persuasive.” Martin Todd: “Incredibly experienced and knowledgeable.” Sarah Woolrich: “Very thorough and incredibly well prepared. She is approachable and lovely to work with.” “Her preparation is second to none.”

Personal Injury

Daniel Edwards:  “Technically excellent and a fantastic advocate. He grasps the key issues and generates confidence in clients, witnesses and judges.” “He’s very personable, really good with witnesses and has a subtle manner that goes down well with judges. He is very approachable and down-to-earth.”

Real estate litigation

Stephen Fletcher:  “Clients really like him and you can always bank on him to give you a practical and commercial view.”








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