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Mediation is now fully established as a viable and substantially more cost-effective and time efficient alternative to litigation.

The process has the additional advantages of being flexible, confidential and robust concluding in a binding, written settlement agreement. Put simply, Mediation works. It works when parties are entrenched and settlement seems a forlorn and distant prospect.

At Dere Street we offer a highly competitive fixed cost service which includes accommodation at one of our two North East venues. We offer a full mediation service at the following rate:

£1,500.00 + VAT (to be apportioned between the parties)

Our team of mediators, all of whom are Barristers of over 20 years call, are experienced in mediating all areas of dispute, be it a family-related matter or any aspect of civil, commercial or employment-related litigation. They are highly qualified, with two accredited by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and one accredited by the Regent College School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology. They are adept at putting parties at ease, identifying the key issues and common ground and working with the parties to produce an effective compromise. They have an enviable success rate, with the vast majority of cases mediated by them resulting in settlement.

Members of the team are also happy to provide advice and guidance on the process itself and discuss with legal representatives the merits of mediation in any specific case.

Chambers in Newcastle has a newly dedicated Mediation Suite that compliments the already established two party dispute accommodation in Chambers at York. The use of our facility is fully complementary when utilising the services of members of chambers, either as the Mediator or the representative of a party.