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Dere Street Barristers, in conjunction with Armstrong Watson and Lloyds Bank would like to invite you to the first of our new regular series of Breakfast Briefings for the Legal Services Market in York.

This seminar will be presented by Nigel Haddon of Burcher Jennings and will look at the pressure to discount fees and what clients really want.  Nigel will discuss the pricing challenges relating to governance, analytics and execution and how a pricing menu can assist.

How does pricing work in practice and is it worth the effort?

Speaker Profile

Nigel Haddon is a Consultant working with Burcher Jennings, the UK’s leading law firm pricing consultancy. With more than eight years as the Managing Partner of regional law firm SAS Daniels LLP, Nigel comes to the role at Burcher Jennings with the kind of career context that makes him both invaluable and unique in his ability to understand the needs of his clients.

Nigel has over 30 years experience as a practicing solicitor (at five different law firms) and led SAS Daniels through four successful mergers and acquisitions.

Nigel held the position of Chair of the Law Management Section of the Law Society for 3 years, is Editor of the Law Management Section Merger Toolkit and Joint Editor, Law Management Section Guide to Business Development.

Event Details

Date:  25 April 2017

Time:  8.00am to 10.00am

Venue:  The Middletons Hotel, Cromwell Road, York YO1 6DS


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