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Samuel Healy

Squatters, Squires, Tenants and Trespassers
What does the current case-law say with regards to boundary disputes, nuisance, trespass, rights to light and other easements?  In this seminar, Sam will give a practical review of recent case law relating to domestic property disputes.

Angharad Davies

Unplanned Planning Complications: How to dig your clients out of their holes.
In this talk Angharad will explore the remedies open to clients with a range of planning issues.  From appeals to judicial review this talk will explore practical remedies, with examples from case law, to help guide your domestic and commercial clients through disputes with the Planning Inspectorate.

Date:  27 April 2017

Time:  4.45pm to 6.00pm

Venue:  Trinity House, Broad Chare, Newcastle, NE1 3DQ

CPD:  1 Hour

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